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Write Yourself to Your Goals and Dreams!

Ask yourself this: If you could have, do or be anything, absolutely anything (and time/money was not an issue whatsoever) … what would your life look like? What is that vision? Now, before bedtime this evening, purchase yourself a notebook or journal. And begin to put that vision into words, and those words into actions.Continue reading “Write Yourself to Your Goals and Dreams!”

The Stop Sign

We all know that when we reach a stop sign that it means to STOP, however, if you “run” the stop sign, knowing it meant to stop means absolutely nothing. The stop sign here is synonymous for the areas in our lives in which we clearly know that we should make a different choice. HowContinue reading “The Stop Sign”

The Plane Crash

A couple years ago a friend of mine, who was 84 years old, crashed one of his personal planes and walked away with minimal injuries, just a few scratches on his nose! Yes! I just said, an 84-year-old man crashed a plane and walked away barely scathed! After the crash, he was transported to theContinue reading “The Plane Crash”

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