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Stephanie was very knowledgeable and great with suggesting alternative foods and supplementation like supergreens, which added more nutrition to my everyday eating. I also loved keeping a gratitude journal!! That alone enabled me a more positive start to my day!
-Karen T

Stephanie provided me with such delicious and healthy meals for a jumpstart nutritional plan; my FAVORITE was her bruschetta… made without bread, so I had her make double the second go around! Being Healthy never tasted SO Good!!

Stephanie was my “life” coach when I was going through a difficult time and she helped me to see there was so much more for me that I what I was seeing for myself at the time. This has made such a positive impact on how I have been carrying out my daily life since!
-John R

Stephanie was my health coach for several months before the pandemic and provided me with such scrumptiously delicious and healthy meals; she even catered a dinner in my home for friends and every dish was delicious as well as healthy and everyone enjoyed it so much!
-Greg B

Stephanie was my health and life coach a few years ago when my life seemed to be literally falling apart. She was so knowledgeable in how to help me shift my mindset around all that I was dealing with and I am forever changed by the realization that I truly DO have the power to “create” my life!
-Kimberly P

I really enjoyed taking Stephanie’s course. One big thing taking the course provides is a ton of insight on specific action steps you need to take to achieve your goals. I highly recommend everybody takes her course to improve their overall life!
-Mike H

I was thrilled when I came across SteFunny’s course. It was easy to follow and filled with nuggets of information and small exercises that together allowed me to make the changes in my life that I needed.
I love the idea of wellness, mindfulness and delicious food coming together in one course and that’s exactly what I got with SteFunny’s course.
I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to rekindle their love affair with themselves and food!
-Siobhan C

Stephanie has so much PASSION. Her sincere love for life on healthy and happy terms is inspiring to many. I took her online course and learned SO much about myself, what I AM capable of and what IS possible for me! I highly recommend her course for anyone looking to bring more clarity around the worth they possess to live their best lives!!
-Paige C

For more information or to contact me directly, you can reach me at stephanie@defarekinlicious.com or (704) 912-1605.