How you do “anything” is how you do “everything”!

Read that again… and again, until it sinks in…

Recently a girlfriend of mine was flabbergasted that I took the extra time and effort to sign her cookbook with more than one color.

Because she had commented that she wanted her book signed with such n such and such n such colors under one of my posts where I shared the several different colors of markers that I had purchased for signing my cookbooks… I did just that when I signed her book!

Why would I NOT do that?! I mean the extra effort and use of multiple “colors” in the signing, was FUN, creative, showed I truly care, and brought me even more JOY to do!

“You are what you repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act… but a habit!”

Signing her book with the multiple colors is a perfect example of my choosing to go the extra mile to achieve “excellence”! AND… she is deserving of my very best!

Furthermore, my “anything” and “everything” mentioned in the title of this blogpost, are intentional, consistent and repetitive ways in which I choose to do the things in my life!

Throughout the years I have cultivated a system that #1, shows self-love, as well as shows my dedication to creating, JOY, Full-Fillment, Self-Empowerment and Inspiring situations every… damn… day!

If you listen to my podcast, “Empowered Conversations” regularly, then you will hear me say time and time again, that my “antenna”, my “radio dial” are tuned to that which is ALways seeking JOY, what is FUN and what is elatedly exciting!! I also expect to laugh every day…. like knee slapping, clapping, laughing every day! Does this happen every day, no, but is sure does happen “for me” a lot more days than it doesn’t?!

How are you choosing excellence and every good thing you can think of in your every day?! What are your antenna and radio dials tuned to?!

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Stephanie McPherson, "SteFunny" is a Certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Health Coach, Behaviors and Motivators High Performance Life Coach (CBP, CMP) and Creator and Host of the podcast, Empowered Conversations and Cooking Show, De Fa Rekin Licious! Upon realizing in her early 20's that the typical "young person diet" filled with sugar and processed foods was causing undesirable consequences, she started the journey to transforming her body through educating herself on good nutrition and exercise. Around the same time questioning what her true "purpose" was, she discovered the book, The Empowered Mind. Through completing the plethora of exercises in this book, she realized that she possessed a real passion for inspiring others to be healthy, happy and truly thrive in life. For over 26 years Stephanie has been committed to the practice of self-exploration and personal growth; she understands the challenges that this commitment to excellence in every aspect of life can bring. Her passion is to empower and inspire others to be the best version of themselves possible through the commitment to one's self and one's life.

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